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Frankenstein ballet dances its way to the Jubilee

By Admin User on November 15, 2019

The Alberta Ballet is performing a modern retelling of Mary Shelley’s 200-year-old Frankenstein. The show’s artistic director says this version of Frankenstein took two years to perfect.  

“In terms of horror story, horror genre, I could tell you it’s probably the most brilliant ever written. As well, the layers are there’s psychological, philosophical, science ethics and so it was a brilliant novel so I said to myself this is the one if I have to do horror story it would be Frankenstein,” said  Jean Grand-Maitre, the Artistic Director of Alberta Ballet.

The ballet uses moving backdrops, realistic costumes, dramatic lighting and a haunting soundtrack.

“What’s most important in all the work we do in the arts is in the end when people come together which something we don’t do any more with all the technologies. And we live and experience together that can teach us something about ourselves and inspire us,” said Grand-Maitre.

Grand-Maitre, has been choreographing ballets for almost 40 years. The artistic director says this was one of the most challenging because it has no dialogue.

“You always have to learn something new and I choreographed ballet to popstars. I’ve worked with Elton John, Joni Mitchell, people like that. I’ve created Shakespearian ballet, abstract ballet too just dancing to music, but I’ve never done horror ballet and it’s very difficult style to successfully achieve because horror and comedy are I think the most demanding type of ballets to do because there’s no words, only dancers.”

Frankenstein is on stage at the Northern Alberta Jubilee from October 31 until November 2. 



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