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Foster home decorates for the holidays in a special way

By Admin User on December 13, 2019

Christmas decorations are getting progressively intricate as the years go by. Regular string lights are being replaced by colour changing LEDs and blow-up yard ornaments are being replaced with dot projectors- all in an attempt to become the most eye-catching house on the street.

Typical Albertan holiday decor

A home in Beaumont has been exactly that since 2012. The Kreamer household sits on the north end of the town with over 20 various blow-up holiday decorations on their front lawn. In October for Halloween and in December for Christmas, the Kreamer family sets up their dozens of lawn decorations.

Their home has become a landmark of sorts in the town, with families making special efforts to drive by to check out their decorations during the holidays.

The home and all of its decorations have a very special back-story; each of the decorations is chosen by a foster child that spends time with the Kreamers. The “blow-up house” is actually a foster home, run by Barbara Kreamer and her husband Phil. According to Barb, she and her husband have fostered over 30 children in the last seven years while living in Beaumont.

Barb Kreamer, Foster mother

“My parents were foster parents. That’s what started this whole thing. I felt that it was something that I needed to do too, to honour their memory, I guess.”

Barbara Kreamer

Along with being foster-parents, Barb and Phil became adoptive parents to their 11-year-old son Daniel in 2009. He provided a little insight on what it’s like to be one of the only children in the house that lives there full-time.

“Sometimes it’s a little awkward,” he said, “sometimes I don’t know them too well and they’re hard to talk to. But it’s nice always having someone else to play with or hang out with.”

Daniel’s favourite decoration is front and centre. He calls it “Pants-Down Santa”

The Kreamer household is the only foster-home in Beaumont. Barb says that they never have less than three children in the house at a time. She says that the holidays are the hardest time for her.

“I find it hard, especially around Christmas. I just wish I could take all the kids with me. No one should be without a family for Christmas.”

Barbara Kreamer

With each decoration that she adds to her yard, Barb says she gets to keep a piece of each child that she has cared for.

“I like doing this for the kids. Not just mine. I have kids that come to my door and hand me little notes or little thank you cards. It means the world to me. That’s who this is all for; kids. Nobody else.”

Barbara Kreamer
A side view of the decorations on the Kreamers’ yard.

The Kreamers live on 56A Street and Moreau Ave in Beaumont, Alberta. their home is roughly 40 minutes away from NAIT’s campus.



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