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Expansion approved for Fort Edmonton Park

By Admin User on March 16, 2017

Fort Edmonton Park is getting a $47.8 million expansion. The expansion will include an updated midway featuring a new Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a shooting gallery, a cookhouse, a miniature train, and a replica of the Green Rattler rollercoaster which was in the original Fort Edmonton Park.

Part of the money for the expansion will go towards a new front entrance. Currently the train station, is used as an entrance.  CEO Bill Demchuk also says the Hotel Selkirk will see changes.

In between the Hotel Selkirk and the Capital Theatre is an open space and in that space we want to recreate the Windsor block and the Albion block. And behind that facade would be 22 new guest rooms and a 250 person banquet facility.

The main portion of the expansion money will be for a new Indigenous People Exhibit.

The anchor of all of this and the most important component of all of this is the Indigenous People’s Experience. It is going to showcase Edmonton’s indigenous history, the First Nations and Metis, in a fun, respectful, and engaging way. 

The exhibit is a new build for the park and it will take place in a new area of the park that has not been developed. The pictures below which are supplied by Fort Edmonton Park are examples of what the experience would be like for guests.

All of the expansions are trying to help get people more excited about Edmonton’s history and let them experience it in an exciting way. Fort Edmonton Park is closed right now but will open back up in May.




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