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Edmonton’s newest app

By Admin User on November 30, 2016

The Edmonton Journal’s, Sandra Sperounes, has teamed up with Indiegogo to create Edmonton’s newest app called Edmoji. The app will feature multiple emojis such as:

  • Sad mayor Don Iveson
  • The Muttart Conservatory
  • The Alberta Legislature building
  • And many other iconic places around our city

For app creator Sandra Sperounes, she said the idea”was embarrassingly simple”coming to her while she was making a tweet and decided to add the letter ‘D’ in the word emoji. She connected with former Edmonton Journal colleague Lucas Timmons to make an Edmonton-inspired keyboard a reality. After a few months of learning code to develop the app and having a couple parts of the app rejected by Apple, Timmons finally created something both he and Apple were happy with and he’s excited to see if Edmontonians are happy with it too.

Sandra also says, “I think it’s a great celebration of Edmonton, we love to recognize Edmonton I think like as a community we’re very self conscious about who we are, and I think it’s just a great way to communicate with each other.”  Timmons and Sperounes have already created quite a few Edmonton inspired emojis, most of which are landmarks or pictures that illustrate inside jokes unique to Edmonton.

The app is set to release in mid December, just in time for Christmas, so if you find yourself stuck in traffic on the Anthony Henday during the holidays, you can send an Edmoji in celebration.



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