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Edmonton students ensure no stone is left alone

By Admin User on November 23, 2018

Students took part in a ceremony on Monday, Movember 5 to remember Canada’s veterans. No Stone Left Alone gets children involved in a Remembrance Day ceremony by placing poppies on the graves of veterans. The No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation wants to make sure that no soldier is ever forgotten.

No Stone Left Alone was started in Edmonton seven years ago. Since then, the event has expanded to 101 cemeteries across Canada and a ceremony was also held in Poland this year. Over 9,000 students took part this year, placing poppies on the graves of nearly 59,000 veterans.

“I think it’s nice to remember who fought for us in the wars,” said Deena Bagheritari, a student who took part in the service held at the Beechmount Cemetery. “They’re an inspiration.”

The event also wants people to remember those who served more than just once a year.

“Remembrance isn’t something that should happen one day of the year,” Emmanuela Owusu read from a letter she wrote to the No Stone Left Alone Foundation. “It’s something that should be done every day.”

2018 marks the 100-year anniversary of the signing of the Armistice, which officially ended the First World War.



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