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Edmonton Squash Club to host world class female players

By Admin User on March 23, 2018

The Edmonton Squash Club is set to host four of the best professional female squash players in the world on March 16 and 17.

The club is hosting an exhibition tournament and is bringing in current world champion Reneem Welily. The other three are top 40 ranked, and this includes reigning Canadian Nationals Champion Hollie Naughton, who was born in England but resides in Mississauga.

While the usual four matches will be played this weekend, this tournament will feature a unique element. The club is opening the court to the public in a variety of ways:

  • Junior competitors will get a chance to play a mini-match with the pros
  • If you purchase a ticket, you are automatically entered into a draw to play against one of the pros
  • There will be a meet and greet between the pros and the people attending before the semifinal matches

The club is ecstatic about hosting this event, and board member Marc Moreau says watching these pros play is quite the spectacle. “Watching the pros come in and running full speed and making it look like it’s nothing, is a sight to see.”

Moreau also added that squash is a levelling sport, which is one of the reasons he loves it. “Everybody who comes and plays, you play at your level. There are young guys playing old guys; there’s women playing men, it doesn’t matter because you play at your level.”

The Edmonton Squash Club is charging $150 for the two-night event, or you can purchase one night tickets for $90.




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