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Edmonton Remand Centre launches new inmate security checking device

By Admin User on October 31, 2017

A new body scanner is being tested on inmates at the Edmonton Remand Centre to counter the smuggling of drugs and other contraband into the jail. The $580,000 body scanner can detect items hidden on the body.

Security officials say the risk of narcotics entering the facility is not only a danger to inmates but also correctional officers and health care workers within the centre.

This pilot project reflects our commitment to further reduce drugs including dangerous opioids and contraband, like weapons, from entering the Edmonton Remand Centre. – Ken Johnston, Remand Security Director

The body scanner is quick, non-invasive and shows no anatomy of the inmate. It works similar to scanners used at airports, that take a full body x-rays.  The scans can detect contraband, and is also effective in detecting anything hidden in body cavities.

Old security measures will still be in place; such as search dogs, routine checks and intelligence gathering.

Over the one-year pilot project timeline the body scanner is expected to reduce contraband and narcotics coming in the facility by 95 per cent. The scanner is set to be fully operational by early December.



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