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Edmonton named best city in Canada for youth work

By Margie Miranda on February 25, 2019

A new study published by YouthfulCities named Edmonton as the best city for young people to find jobs in.

YouthfulCities launched its inaugural Urban Work Index, the organization’s first research at urban work in Canada. The goal of the study is to help cities better their youth employment programs. Edmonton scored 713.86 points out of a possible 1,310 points.

Edmonton did reasonably well everywhere and because its got a high minimum wage, it worked really well on some of the affordability categories. It has the top [and] most affordable kind of education across the country.

– Robert Barnard, Co-Founder of YouthfulCities

Edmonton did well on affordable education and government entrepreneurship programs. For a major Canadian city, Edmonton had the most affordable transport. It also has the most affordable housing with a city approaching a million people which may attract young workers looking for affordability and the buzz of a metropolis.

“We looked at 48 different indicators in each of the 21 cities. We broke it down in themes. We have an education theme, entrepreneurship programming, affordability and employment,” Barnard said.

Barnard did clarify that although Edmonton has a high minimum wage, it is not a key factor with Calgary, a city with a minimum of $15 per hour, placing thirteenth. Montreal and Ottawa ranked second and third respectively.



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