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Edmonton medical students put to the test in real-life emergency simulations

By Admin User on March 23, 2018

Students studying in 24 different health care fields gathered at NAIT on Saturday for the Save Stan event. The purpose of the event is for students to put their skills to the test, by participating in real-life medical simulations.

“Students learn what their role is in the health care environment and they also learn what other roles are. In doing that, they can learn how to effectively communicate as a member of the health care team,” says Director of Simulation Kerri Oshust.

Some of the simulations at the event included:

  • Delivering a baby
  • Treating a gunshot wound
  • Setting a broken arm
  • Calming a patient having an anxiety attack
  • Dealing with Alzheimer patients

Students began the simulation by entering a room that is set up like a real-life emergency room. After a quick briefing, they were put to work when, without notice, patients started calling out for help.

One simulation involved an unexpected visit from a patient, dropped off by police, who was having an anxiety attack. The students had to calm the patient down, while still dealing with other scenarios.

When helping the patients, students were required to play the role that they are studying in school.

“So, we have everyone from nurses, to med students, to pharmacy tech. So, we’re looking at over 30 professions that actually¬†participate in Save Stan,” says Oshust. “Whatever role they’re going to see in the clinical environment is what they replicate here.”

Students from NAIT, University of Alberta, MacEwan University and NorQuest College participated in the event.

Oshust says simulation in the classroom leads to a better patient outcome when students make their way into the field.





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