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Edmonton introduces new regulations for cat drop-offs

By Admin User on December 11, 2019

A new appointment-based drop-off model is now in place for lost, stray or abandoned cats. If you’re dropping off a cat you must call 311 to book an appointment with the Animal Care & Control Centre.

Tracy Bauder, the shelter’s coordinator, says one reason for the change is the overcrowding of cats at the shelter.

“This was something that’s driven by the need to manage the capacity within our shelter so that we have the space to care for the cats that really do need our help,” said Bauder.

The shelter has faced overcapacity multiple times throughout recent years. Back in 2018, the Care & Control Centre closed its doors to healthy stray cats for the first time.

Cats stay in single-compartment housing when the shelter’s overcrowded. They sleep, feed and defecate all in the same place.

Bauder says with the regulations to combat overcrowding the facility has introduced double-compartment housing. This gives cats a separate space to sleep, hide and socialize.

“By moving to this model we’re able to give the cats the space they need to be comfortable and express normal behaviour. This will reduce the likelihood of stress on the cats, disease transmission and illness in the shelter and cats will be more adaptable when they do move out to rescue,” said Tracy Bauder, Animal Care & Control Centre Coordinator.

Double-compartment housing as shown by Tracy Bauder.

Edmonton has more than 100,000 free-roaming cats in the city. There are no laws preventing them from wandering away from their homes. Bauder says the change will make Edmontonians consider whether the cats they’re looking to drop-off need to be.

Last year Bauder said there are more than 63,000 feral cats in the city. The Care & Control Centre takes in approximately 600 feral cats each year.

If you’re unsure of what to do with a lost, stray or abandoned cat, the Care & Control Centre recommends calling 311 or checking its website.



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