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Edmonton Ghost Tours spooks guests in Old Strathcona

By Admin User on October 19, 2017

Once the sun has set on Whyte Avenue, you might be surprised to see a group of people following a woman in a cape down the sidewalk. Don’t be alarmed if you overhear her sharing stories of a murderer in the Strathcona Hotel or a suicidal bride living in the suites above the Princess Theatre. Those tales are as old as Whyte Avenue itself, but according to Edmonton Ghost Tours, their ghosts may still haunt iconic buildings.

The Old Strathcona Ghost Tour, available Monday through Thursday, is just one of many events hosted by Edmonton Ghost Tours in the haunting month of October. Other tours available include:

  • U of A/Garneau History & Haunted Hike
  • Haunted Trolley Tours
  • Haunted Halloween Pub Tours
  • Old Strathcona Tour with Psychic

Edmonton Ghost Tours producer and orator, Nadine Bailey, has been leading these tours for many years now and has extensive knowledge in her creepy tales. A writer and storyteller herself, Bailey says her tours are unique in that you get to hear about “not only the murders, the ghosts, the mystery and the hauntings but you learn a lot about the historical facts of Edmonton as well.”

With the exception of the pub tours, Edmonton Ghost Tours are suitable for all ages and are always a go whatever the weather may bring.

While Bailey does lots of research for her stories, she insists that nothing adds more to her tales than personal accounts of sightings and hauntings from locals themselves. So next time you’re walking down Whyte Avenue, keep your eyes on the windows of these old buildings because you never know what you might see.



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