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Edmonton gamers look to raise money for Extra Life fundraiser

By Admin User on November 20, 2021

Extra Life’s 24-hour gaming fundraiser is back. Participants look to play video games for 24-hours straight while trying to raise money for the charity. All proceeds raised in Edmonton go straight to the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

“[Extra Life is] a charity based out of the U.S. that actually helps all Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals within North America,” said Courtney Nickerson, a fifth-year fundraiser participant.

What used to be held in person at West Edmonton Mall now has changed to purely online. Those who choose to participate have been turning to stream their games on Twitch, making it easy for people to tune in and watch them play.

“If you’re wanting to support, I mean there are so many people that do it, especially here in Edmonton that you can support who have their own Twitch channels or just do it with friends,” said Nickerson.

If people want to donate to the cause, the Extra Life website makes it easy.

“You can search up by ID number, by name or by team. If you’re wanting to just donate to Edmonton in general, you can just look up the YEG Extra Life on the Extra Life page,” said Nickerson.

Their big game day is set to happen on November 6. If you want to sign up for the event, you can go through their website.

“If anyone wants to get involved with helping raise money, it is free to sign up [on their website] and free to start raising money,” said Nickerson.

Donations can be made year-round.



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