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Edmonton game developers new project hitting it big

By Admin User on November 2, 2018

SnakeTakes Studios is an in-home game development company. For the past three years, about 25 programmers have been working on their biggest project yet; End of the Beginning.

This futuristic game is about an alien invasion, putting the world at risk of extinction. Players must use skill and strategy to save mankind. End of the Beginning was recently picked up by Sony, Microsoft and Valve Corporation, which is a considerable accomplishment for SnakeTakes Studios. The CEO of the company, James Yake, says it’s surreal to think that the game, his team created, will soon be released for PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

“Well, it means we are going to have access to larger markets to sell our game. And really for me as a gamer, it was just kind of an accomplishment to get on some of the systems that I’ve been playing on for so many years.”

James Yake and his team have also added an extra element to the game – true stories. End of the Beginning contains real alien case files that were once classified documents. The Freedom of Information Act has allowed Yake and his team to have access to these documents. SnakeTakes Studios then incorporated these true files into the game. Yake and his crew felt it was essential to inform players of the true encounters with the extraterrestrial that were hidden away for so long.


“We’re gonna be the first game ever to not only deal with aliens in our game but there’s a reality to them. So in the lore, we’re gonna give players access to the exact same documents, formally classified documents, that we now have access to.” – James Yake


End of the beginning will be available on multiple platforms. If all goes well, it will be released for virtual reality by the end of this year. The PC version is set to follow at the start of 2019, with all console versions expected to be released later in 2019.



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