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Edmonton Eskimos give back

By Admin User on March 10, 2017

Amateur football around Edmonton got a boost from its big brothers, the Edmonton Eskimos as they announced a huge donation of $650,000 to be spread through out football clubs in Edmonton.

Eskimos CEO Len Rhodes said that this is his favourite charity event, as it allows them to “broaden and expand their support for amateur football around Edmonton.” The donation was generated entirely by 50/50 ticket funds from Edmonton Eskimo games, and is a yearly program that the Eskimos take part in every year.

Rhodes is extremely proud of the 50/50 program, saying, “Our 50/50 program, and its link to developing amateur football across northern Alberta has become the gold standard. We have created significant momentum among football stakeholders and are proud to help provide for athletes of all ages, at all levels access to our sport.”

The money creates opportunities for aspiring football players to not only train in the off season, but gather professional feedback and training year round. The money gives students these opportunities by renting out spaces for year round training, so they can skip the steps off getting back into shape after the off season. Offensive linesman TJ Sloboda, says that this support from the Eskimos, has really brought his game to the next level.  “It’s allowed us to continue to work in the off season, and to become a better team in Alberta and in the CJFL.”

The money was donated to five different organizations:

  • The Edmonton Huskies and Edmonton Wildcats each received $250, 000
  • University of Alberta Golden Bears received $110, 000
  • Football Alberta received $100, 000
  • Edmonton Eskimos Alumni Associations Amateur Football received $35, 000




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