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Edmonton Eskimos acquire C.J. Gable

By Admin User on October 11, 2017

The Edmonton Eskimos have acquired running back, C.J. Gable from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.  The Eskimos have had a tough season due to unexpected injuries. After losing starting running back John White early in the season, the Eskimos have struggled to keep a high caliber running back in the line-up.

The Eskimos Coach says this new addition comes at the perfect time, as the Eskimos are off to Montreal this weekend in hopes of snapping their sixgame losing streak.

“C.J. is that guy I mean when you watch him pass protect he thrives on the backwards pass protection, he lives to meet guys in the hole,” said Jason Maas, Eskimos Coach.

Although Gable is happy to be here, moving to a new team so late in the season does come with its challenges.

“Just getting ahold of the playbook, that’s basically what it is cause you’re just coming in and especially if you’re playing right away you gotta know it quick so you know I am just spending extra time to get these plays down,” said Gable.

As the Eskimos injury list grows, so does the team’s roster. Now sitting at 46 players, Gable had a tough time trying to find a number to wear.

“I wanted a single digit, but they didn’t have any and then I was like can I get one or zero and they were like we don’t give those out, so I guess I am stuck with this one,” says Gable.

Gable is wearing number 39 on the field in Montreal this weekend against the Alouettes. The Edmonton Eskimos next home game is Saturday, Oct. 14 at 5 p.m.





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