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Edmonton Design Week brings to light a new light-up playground

By Admin User on October 5, 2017

An area in downtown Edmonton has been transformed into a pop-up space for people of all ages to enjoy a playground with LED lights. The new interactive playground is a part of kick-starting Edmonton Design Week, which runs Sept. 22-30.

Two award-winning public art installations are making the area a little brighter with their lights and sounds. The see-saws and loops are all the buzz right now as hundreds of Edmontonians gather to see what it’s all about.

The see-saws light up and release sounds while they are ridden. The loops show an animation of fairytale images and light up the faster you pump the railway handcar inside the loop. Not only is it free to attend, but the playground is open 24 hours a day.

Susan Pointe, the curator and project manager of the Quarters, is excited about the incredible turnout of people each night.

“If you come down at 8, 9 or 10 o clock you will definitely be joining a crowd of parents and children all here for the see-saws and loop,” says Susan.

The Quarters will be strewn through the Armature, along 96 St. between Jasper Ave. and 103A Ave. There is plenty of parking that surrounds the area for anyone who is driving.

“It’s a ton of fun, we’ve been getting record attendance,” says Pointe.

The last day for the playground will be October 2. The group’s next large scale event is scheduled to take place in September 2018.



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