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Edmonton businesses launch new online catalogue

By Admin User on October 4, 2019

There’s a new way to shop local in Edmonton.

The third edition of the Gifted catalogue is now available. The catalogue features over 107 products all made locally here in Edmonton.

The launch of the catalogue happened at Hideout Distro on 108 Ave. on September 19. Inside the catalogue, you can find everything from chocolates to jewellery, and artwork to clothes.

Colleen’s Chocolates – featured in the catalogue
Handmade jewellery

The catalogue is associated with Edmonton Made. It aims to promote local businesses by telling their stories and encouraging more people to shop local.

“95 percent of businesses in Edmonton are small businesses. Essentially, they’re the backbone of our economy, so it’s really important for us to be going to these shops and shopping from them directly.”

Laura Masyk – Marketing and Campaign Manager, Edmonton Made

The catalogue helps vendors reach a new audience and bring traffic to their businesses.

Local artwork displayed on the walls of Hideout Distro
Locally designed and made t-shirts sold at Hideout Distro

“50% of the businesses are brand new businesses, so they’ve never been in Gifted before.”

Laura Masyk – Marketing and Campaign Manager, Edmonton Made

You can shop online at



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