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Edmonton adjusts to legalization of cannabis

By Admin User on October 25, 2018

Since the legalization of cannabis October 17, pot shops around the city have seen lineups out the door and down the street.

Numo Cannabis, an independently owned store was one of the stores that was open the first day of legalization. “Being independent, we’re really here for those people that have been working in this field trying to legalize it for a long time. One of the main pillars we focus on is community we try to focus on the community and culture of cannabis,” said Ryan Seeras, Numo Chief Marketing Officer.

The city has released guidelines for the use of cannabis, especially on where adults can smoke in public. New ashtrays have been placed around the city 10-metres away from any door, patio and window. “While it is legalized as a substance there are going to be rules and restrictions on the consumption of it,” said Dexx Williams, cannabis liaison for the Edmonton Police Service.

EPS says it wants to avoid being heavy-handed with issuing tickets but they want to make sure that people are using the substance responsibly. It will take EPS some time to learn how to enforce the new restrictions, but they are hopeful that the public will be cooperative.

The Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis has set the prices for cannabis in the province. They have also created the only legal online store. The hope when setting the prices was to set it low enough that it would decrease black market sales.




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