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Deadmonton spooks Edmontonians once again

By Admin User on October 31, 2022

The Halloween season has taken a page from Michael Myers and has stalked its way back into our city. For the ninth year, the screams and laughter will be heard from inside Deadmonton as they have once again set up their haunted houses with the hopes of scaring each person brave enough to enter. 

“You should expect to be scared,” said Katherine Petch, Deadmonton General Manager. With Deadmonton introducing two new haunted house themes, the Halloween attraction will be open until the second week of November for anyone wishing to test their strength against the “Icons of Darkness” and “Return of the Living Dead.”

By entering the walls of Deadmonton, you are now in another reality. “Just forget about reality for a few minutes and enjoy yourself,” said Petch. Walking alongside; Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and the nostalgic Chucky doll are a few characters calling the inside of Deadmonton home during the Halloween season.

People attending the event can expect food and drinks on-site and the opportunity to purchase a speed pass to get their adrenaline ahead of the rest. Dress according to the weather, as one haunted house, and the common food and drink area are located outside.     

After calling its location home for the last five years, Deadmonton plans to make significant changes ahead of its decade anniversary next year. Following this Halloween season, Deadmonton will be moving to an undisclosed location for next year. The new location has no expected announcement date, but once finalized, it will be announced on the Deadmonton website.  



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