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City unveils downtown fountain upgrades

By Admin User on October 16, 2019

The city says people will be able to skate outside City Hall this winter.

Officials have been testing out the 420 water jets on the renovated fountain, before prepping it for skating. This update is part of the renewal plan for the City Hall Plaza.

Testing of the City Hall fountain jet nozzles

The 25-year-old fountain was due for upgrading. As well, the fountain’s water level went from 40 cm to 15 cm to meet Alberta Health Services’ circulation standards.

“With the reduced volume, it allows us to drain the pool every evening in about an hour. From a safety and security perspective, we don’t have 16 inches of water to monitor.”

Project Manager Eugene Gyorfi

The pool and fountain upgrade cost $13 million. This is phase one of a two-part upgrade to increase access to the area. The next phase involves landscaping and pavement renewal to encourage people to use the space year-round.

Side view of City Hall fountain test

Officials hoped to open the fountain this summer, but the heavy rain over the summer put the project behind schedule.

“Soon after May long weekend is when we typically have [the water feautre] ready for the public,” said Gyorfi. “We’ll be doing more testing in the spring to get it ready and we’ll announce the day when the public can come on down and start running around the fountain again.”

City crews removed the steps around the fountain to make the area more accessible. The plaza will be open to the public in the upcoming weeks and ready for winter skating later in the season.



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