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City Council holds public hearing for proposed LRT expansion

By Admin User on April 4, 2018

Members of the public and city council met at city hall on March 21 for a public hearing about the Valley Line West LRT expansion proposal.

Tensions were high as citizens outlined their fears about a proposed expansion route that would see the Valley Line run from downtown, along Stony Plain Rd., out to Lewis Farms.

“This route is trying to be all things to all people, and that can’t be the way that this goes,” said Glenora resident Susan Maw, who came out to address council.

Some major concerns outlined by members of the public included the city’s acquisition of land, which would force some businesses in the area to close, as well as seniors losing direct access to amenities like banking and drug stores.

“Even to go around the corners of Stony Plain Rd. they’re having to take out historic buildings, businesses, homes, trees–58 trees, to be precise. So I think it’s really important that they reconsider the route,” Maw said.

Speakers were asked if they had a problem with the expansion itself or the route, specifically. They all agreed the expansion is welcomed but not through their neighbourhood.

However, City Council member Andrew Knack says there is currently no intention on the part of the city to alter the route.

“I’m not looking to reopen the route debate. That was settled a decade ago,” Knack said.

“The important thing to know is how do we make sure this route works as well as possible?” said Knack.

A similar public hearing is scheduled for April, which will be the last chance for public input on the project.

If the city intends to stick to the existing timeline, construction plans need to begin this summer, and that means a final decision will need to be made within the next month.



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