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Cheers to CHED!

By Admin User on December 17, 2020

Santa’s Anonymous has stamped their 65th year of delivering toys to children across Edmonton. They also reached their goal of helping 20,000 children find new toys under their Christmas trees.

They have come a long way from helping 500 children on their first year in 1955. This year also marked a new approach to receiving donations and delivering toys.

“This year for the first time ever, we [had] a drive-through pickup for toys,” said Kevin Spriggs, the Chair of Board of Directors for Santa’s Anonymous. 

An interview with Kevin Spriggs.

The drive-through system was also appointment only, where drivers would book a pick up time.

Volunteers left the depot on their four-wheeled sleighs with Christmas packages for the children of Edmonton last weekend.

Spriggs also says it’s the first time Santa’s Anonymous has asked for monetary donations to buy toys for children. He says it “doesn’t feel right for people to go to a public setting” to buy and donate toys. This is only a preference as toys could still be dropped off across the city.

You may have seen lists on donation boxes in various stores. These lists indicates what Santa’s Anonymous needs the most so children can receive complete Christmas packages.

Donation bins are easy to spot at various stores in the city.

Spriggs says the Christmas packages usually contain:

  • Three to four toys
  • One chapter book
  • One stuffed animal

“When the Oil Kings do their teddy bear toss every year, we get all of those,” said Spriggs.

Santa’s Anonymous also makes broadcasts through 630 CHED. Spriggs says it’s very effective because they get responses within days. 

A recent example is from Monday, December 7. Spriggs said they were 240 volunteers short for a delivery day on December 13. Spriggs told 630 CHED about the shortage where they then broadcasted it. Just like a Christmas miracle, all 240 positions were filled by the following morning.

Santa’s Anonymous also received a bulk-load of batteries a few years ago. Spriggs says they were experiencing a shortage of batteries and could not send the toys out without them.

He said the response was quick after broadcasting the message. “The next day at 630 CHED, the Duracell truck pulled up to the radio station and out came boxes and boxes of batteries,” said Spriggs.

Spriggs says it’s “mind-boggling” how much support Santa’s Anonymous gets from the community. 



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