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Brightening up community spirit

By Admin User on December 21, 2016


It has now been over two years since the High Level Bridge was first illuminated, just in time for Canada Day 2014. Since then, it has evolved into a massive canvas of art and an iconic Edmonton landmark. There are now 60 000 LED lights on the bridge that are lit every night. The goal of the Light the Bridge (LTB) campaign, which began in 2014, is to reflect the spirit and voice of the community.


Tannia Franke, Civic Precinct Supervisor

Tannia Franke, Civic Precinct Supervisor with the City of Edmonton, says that the bridge lights are a beautifying element to our city scape, a symbol of pride for locals, and part of our Edmonton story. Franke emphasized that the bridge lights can be used to help represent Edmonton and to share our story with national and international audiences.

Franke also highlighted the newest development in the Light the Bridge campaign: the Edmonton Arts Council’s involvement with providing an artist for the project. She says that the artist’s dynamic programs showcase the real capabilities of the lights. She also adds that the programs make the lights dance with motion and music.

Scott Peters, Lighting Director for Light the Bridge (LTB)

Scott Peters, Lighting Director for Light the Bridge (LTB)

The artist to whom Franke is referring is none other than Scott Peters, Lighting Director for the LTB project. Peters, who says he was privileged to be able to work on a project that large, developed 10 different themes that have now been integrated into the light system. To set his new light programs apart from what has been done previously, Peters incorporated video. As a result, all of Peters’ programs feature movement. If you ever find yourself along the High Level Bridge and you see the lights slowly moving across the bridge, that is one of Peters’ programs. Moving forward, Peters hopes to work on the bridge more, because he believes it deserves the time and care that an artistic focus can bring to the project.

During the first week of December, eight events will be showcased on the High Level Bridge:

  • Dec 1 — World AIDS Day & HIV Edmonton’s 30th Anniversary. Colour (red)
  • Dec 2 — 65th Anniversary of the Richard Eaton Singers. Colour (purple)
  • Dec 3 — Sir John Thompson Sign of Hope Campaign. Colour(blue and white)
  • Dec 5 — International Volunteer Day. Colour(orange, green, blue)
  • Dec 6 — The Rose Campaign: Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Colour (red)
  • Dec 7 — Light the House, supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Alberta. Multicoloure(multicoloured) 
  • Dec 8 — 47th Annual Singing Christmas Tree. Colour(red, green and white)
  • Dec 9 — InterVivos 10 year anniversary. Colours (red, black and white)

Seeing white and blue on the High Level Bridge.


Seeing white lights along the pathway.


Blue lights on the one side of the bridge.


Different perspective of the blue lights along the pathway.

If an individual or a group wants to make a request to change the bridge lights, they can fill out the online application.



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