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Breathe for the future

By Admin User on March 23, 2017

BREATHE is the new strategy for connecting Edmonton’s neighbourhoods. The plan is to incorporate ecology, celebration and wellness to build infrastructure to support and benefit the 2 million people expected to be living in greater Edmonton by 2050.


  • Ecology will focus on a multifaceted approach to maintaining and supporting natural greenscape that will require minimal chemical and water usage.


  • Celebration includes public safety, aesthetics and tourism.


  • Wellness goals include encouraging people to be physically fit through active lifestyles that promote mental health by incorporating play and outdoor activities.


The draft will incorporate ideas gathered from March 15 to April 15 at several EPL branches and online. Once it is approved by council it will still be adaptable. The BREATHE document will be the guiding vision for land use planners among other development groups.

It will take into account the differing needs of neighbourhoods, for example downtown is slated to become even higher in population and yet has less green space per person.  Discussions around dog parks and bike lanes will all be taken into account in this comprehensive document.


The transformative document that BREATHE is really looks to expand the way we think about open space.

Douglas Olson O2 Planning+Design




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