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Beyond Honey: the MacEwan University Urban Beekeeping Project

By Admin User on November 10, 2017

MacEwan University’s Allard Hall was sweeter than ever, with an event celebrating its latest success in urban beekeeping.

The hives used in their project are called “FLOW Hives” which are built differently than traditional hives. With these unique hives, the honey it creates is classified as “extra-white” honey, which the Director of Sustainability, Kalen Pilkington, says is healthier than oxidized or pasteurized honey.

“There’s a lot more anti-oxidants in pure honey,” says Pilkington. “People just know through traditional medicine that honey’s properties are very, very, healing.”

A documentary was screened at the event, covering this project. There are four beehives on MacEwan’s  rooftops, providing a habitat for pollinating bees around the city. They hope to raise awareness about the declining bee population and to get other organizations into urban beekeeping.

“We just want to share our stories. If we can get other organizations or universities, if we can help them put bees on their buildings, and help them with their beekeeping project, we’d love to do that.”

This honey has been given to their food services department, being an active ingredient in not only the meals at the event but also on-campus.  This is the second honey sale that MacEwan has done, with the first one selling out 700 kg in less than 23 minutes.

Any profits that are made during the sale of honey will be re-invested into the beekeeping project. The documentary is available to watch online. MacEwan also offers weekly tours of its beehives.




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