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Alberta Education invests $3.6 million grant to boost dual credit program

By Leo Andrew Cruzat on November 7, 2023

Alberta Education invested $3.6 million in grants for 47 school authorities to boost dual credit programs across the province. 

The investment helps school divisions in creating new and enhance existing programs for high school students.

Bev Facey Community High is one of the schools that offers dual credit programs under the Elk Island Public School.

And with the recent investment from the government, the school will be provided with modern and up-to-date equipment for students.

“That investment will allow our students to have more machinery, more up-to-date machinery, and better tooling which is closer to the industry standard which frankly if we want them to be prepared for industry, it’s what we require.“ said Tom Suffern, Bev Facey Community High Fabrication Instructor. 

45 school divisions will receive up to $50,000 start-up grants and 16 school divisions will receive up to $100,000 enhancement grants.

A total of $2.1 million was invested in the start-up program and $1.5 million was invested in the enhancement program.

The investment also helps students to have a better understanding of different career opportunities and quickly advance their education.  

“There’s a huge demand for careers and for workers in a wide range of fields. You could name the occupation and we’re probably short on workers in that area,” said Demetrios Nicolaides, Minister of Education.

The minister also added that the investment will help address the growing population of Alberta.

“As more people choose to call Alberta home, that means that the provincial government needs to build more communities, roads, schools, hospitals, bridges, and infrastructure. And if we don’t have the workforce to able to sustain that, the province will have some challenges in responding to this wave of population increase.” Minister Nicolaides added.

According to the minister, this would not affect students who decide not to go on a dual credit path.

“It may not be something for every student, but the desire to create that option and the availability and expand. It makes sure that it is available for more students.” Minister Nicolaides added.

Minister Nicolaides added that any unused funds from this year can carry over to next year’s funding. 

Alberta Education implemented the dual credit program more than five years ago.



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