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Advance voting now underway in Edmonton

By Admin User on October 13, 2017

Advanced voting is now open for people unable to vote the civic election Oct. 16. Six voting stations are set up for people to vote in their wards. As well, advanced voting stations will also be set up at post-secondary schools for one day.

“What we want to do is to provide opportunities for people to vote, that’s our primary focus. It’s to provide opportunities and reduce barriers…we’re trying to offer them in places close to transit…close to accessible buildings,” said Iain MacLean, Edmonton Director of Elections.

There are a couple of differences between voting at your assigned voting station, and voting on campus.

  • Electronic marking tool that helps voters with disabilities are not available at post-secondary institutions.
  • Ballots for every ward are available for people who vote on campus.

“It’s one of the only city-wide voting opportunities that we have. These are meant for university students, and people at the university, so that would be the biggest difference. We’re trying to offer it to people on-campus, as again, as another way to reducing barriers to those who would want to vote,” said MacLean.

Advance voting will be available for ten straight days, until Oct. 13. This makes it possible to vote during the Thanksgiving long weekend. NAIT students will have an opportunity to vote on-campus Wednesday, with ballots located in the Naitrium.




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