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4DX theatre opens in Edmonton

By Admin User on November 15, 2019

Cineplex’s Scotiabank Theatre in West Edmonton Mall is home to a 4DX auditorium. It’s the third to open in Canada this week.

“It really lends itself well to action films, thrillers as well as animations – we’re really excited for Frozen 2 to come out in a few short weeks,” said Sarah Van-Lange, Cineplex’s Executive of Communications.

The 4DX auditorium provides a multi-sensory, fully immersive movie-going experience. The seats have vibration, smell-o-vision, snow-machines, bubble-machines and strobe lighting.

“Some people think it’s like a ride. Really the motion and the atmosphere of the effects are built around enhancing the content on the screen versus detracting from it,” said Van-Lange.

Smelling things from the screen like a coffee while it’s brewing, gunpower after a gunfight or flowers when there’s a garden are all possibilities while viewing a movie.

“We find more and more of our guests are gravitating towards movie-going experiences that they can’t replicate at home.”

Cineplex says opening the theatre is a strategic decision because the mall attracts so many tourists.

Cineplex plans to open as many as thirteen 4DX auditoriums in Canada. Construction of the auditoriums takes around two months.

As well, Cineplex announced changes to other theatres in the new year. They include new 4K laser projection technology, extra-wide reclining seats and ScreenX. ScreenX expands the centre screen image to the sidewalls for a 270-degree, panoramic movie-watching experience.

A 4DX movie costs $25 plus tax or $17 plus tax on Tuesdays.



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