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24 electric vehicle charging stations are going up across Edmonton

By Admin User on November 8, 2022

Epcor Utilities is putting up 24 EV charging stations across the city. They have partnered with the city to select eight convenient locations across Edmonton. This is part of the Energizing Edmonton project that looks to see Edmonton with a greener future. 

“We have free charging to help with the adoption of EV’s,” says Michael Corea, project manager, Epcor Utilities. “We know that charging infrastructure’s important”

There will be 22 ‘Level 2‘ chargers going up.

  • approximately 40 km of driving per one hour of charging
  • can charge two vehicles at once

There will also be two ‘Level 3’ chargers going up.

  • approximately 300km of driving per one hour of charging
  • charges only one vehicle at a time

“Rolling out more options for drivers looking to support a greener future is what Energizing Edmonton is all about,” says Stuart Lee, Epcor President and CEO. 

The federal government is footing the bill. Natural Resources Canada is spending just over $200,000 for Edmonton’s EV charging infrastructure alone. This is part of the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program where Canada looks to have net-zero emissions by 2050.

“Our level 2 chargers around the city is very comparable to a clothes dryer plug,” says Corea. “A lot of people actually use a clothes dryer plug for charging their EV’s”. 

25 per cent of Canada’s greenhouse gas-emissions are generated from the transportation sector.



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