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10 Years of Success for Curb the Danger

By Admin User on December 21, 2016

Just recently, Curb the Danger celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Curb the Danger is a program implemented by the Edmonton Police Service that relies on public support to operate. If members of the public notice someone whom they think is driving impaired, they can call 9-1-1 and report the driver, giving information such as:

  • Last direction of travel
  • Make of vehicle
  • Licence plate

Do not hesitate to call 911 if you suspect someone is drinking and driving

One concern of many when first learning about this program is the potential to get a distracted driving ticket. However, Barney Stevens, Curb the Danger Program Coordinator explains, “There is an exception in the legislation that allows somebody to report an emergency to 9-1-1, and somebody who is driving impaired is certainly felt to be an emergency.”

In 2015 alone there were:

  • 9971 calls from the public
  • 711 impaired driving arrests
  • 325 licence suspensions
  • 414 letters sent to registered owners

Edmonton Police


Edmonton Police Headquarters

Every month the program averages 800 calls and they are taking 60-70 impaired drivers off the road according to Barney Stevens. As well, even when the program is unable to send a police car to intercept a vehicle the program sends out an information letter to the registered vehicle owner letting them know that their car was reported to the program and gives the owner Barney Stevens contact information so they can learn more about why they were reported.

This is a very unique aspect of the program and Barney Stevens hopes “with those letters that are sent out, that somebody that says holy mackerel, I guess there’s more than just the city police that are out looking for impaired drivers, the whole community has bought into this and maybe they will think twice before they decide to drink and drive the next time.”

Jason Hills lost his parents, and his aunt and uncle to an impaired driver when he was three years old. He is now the MADD Edmonton and Area Chapter President. He said, “People have no ideas the ramifications of [impaired driving] or the impact that it has on someone, until it has happened to them.”

Jason Hills

Jason Hills, Edmonton and Area Chapter President

However he is happy about what Curb the Danger is doing in Edmonton and said, “You constantly see on a weekly basis the impact it’s making. The EPS is doing an amazing job catching people. It takes a group effort. It takes citizens not to be scared if they suspect an impaired driver and then the police have to do their job to apprehend those people.”

If you have been drinking do not drive. Call a cab, call a friend or use public transportation and if you suspect someone is driving impaired, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1 and to learn more visit Curb the Danger.


If you have been drinking, don’t drive. Call a cab, a friend or use public transportation.


Make plans to find another way home if you have been drinking.




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