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Odell Nelson

Odell Nelson

Odell J. Nelson was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Coming straight out of high school Odell headed straight into NAIT for the pre-empoylment Automotive Service Technician program which as was 4 month course. Once coming close to the end of the semester he didn't feel like it was the career path for him.

After taking a year of to upgrade some classes he realized what his true passion was, filming and editing videos.

His drive for videography was so intense he created a vine page of which consisted of vehicle edits that only lasted six seconds but had a much longer effect to goal.

In his spare time, Odell enjoys watching his aquarist hobby grow buy siting down in-front of his tanks with a freshly cracked open bottle of cream soda. You can also catch a glimpse of him cruising through downtown on a scorching, weekend day in summer.

He plans on Videographer and a Producer for National Geographic in the future, but as for now check him out on NAIT Newswatch, capturing every moment, second by second.

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