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Michael Mancini

Michael Mancini

Michael Mancini grew up in the neighbourhood of Ottewell in Edmonton, He loves sports but hates the pain it brings him. He attended Austin o’brien senior high from 2010-2013 where he maintained above average grades throughout the three years.

Some of his hobbies include; bike ridding, running and sports.

Before being a star at NewsWatch and 2nd Edition, he upgraded and worked for three years before NAIT.

His dream job is working for the news outlet VICE. After years of learning about the Syrian civil war and the Libyan revolution he wanted to go out and learn about why these wars are ongoing. No matter the circumstances, he wants to be there to cover the story of the people, the land, and the culture.

In his free time he likes to make, listen and produce Electronic Dance Music. Although that might not be his true calling, he feels as if its more of a personal accomplishment finding something that he likes.

One of the many things he’s passionate about is geography. Learning about customs, people and what differentiates different societies is something that has always interested him. The T.V. show departures had a big influence in his passion for learning about the world. It had a big part in his desire to get into the T.V. industry, he hopes one day he could be like them and travel the world for an entire year. Not only see the sights of countries but also see how people all over the world live.

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