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Kennedy Schmidt

Kennedy Schmidt

Kennedy Schmidt is a third semester student at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She is a born and raised Edmontonian, and although Edmonton is home, she loves getting outside the city limits and, more specifically, out of her beautiful home country of Canada when she can. Kennedy is an avid traveller and has spent generous amounts of time in Central and South America, as well as in multiple countries in the South Pacific region of the world.

Kennedy’s travels have taught her a lot about the world and the beautiful people that live in it. She is passionate about people and the stories they hold and believes that everyone has the right for their voice to be heard. She aspires to be a vessel for people that do not have the ability or opportunity to share their stories and has a hunger to tell stories that have been left untold.

Kennedy enjoys writing, eating anything that has large amounts of sugar or salt in it and is an aspiring yogi that can barely touch her toes. She believes that being present is crucial, but planning for the future is important and balance is everything.

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