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Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith

Born and raised in Toronto, ON, Jessica currently resides in Edmonton, AB where she is in training in NAIT’s Television program.

Jessica’s professional goals entail developing her videography/camera operating skills, as well as full oversight of various projects so that she may continue to be well-versed in every aspect of production- something she hopes will enable her to found her own production company in the future.
Additionally, Jessica loves the creative appeal of directing and has enjoyed wearing this hat in several school projects.

Other relevant experience involves PA’ing for several TV movies in Vancouver (Hallmark, SYFY, Lifetime). She has been apart of local productions here in Edmonton, ranging from commercial shoots & live broadcasts to music videos where she has cable-pulled, gripped, acted, etc.

When Jessica is not on set, she can be found testing out new nut cheese recipes and other vegan delights. Jessica’s middle name is Storm. This is something that has no relevancy to X Men and no, her parents were not hippies.

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