That Time of Year- Become a Better Golfer

By Ryan Craig on April 20, 2017

Well, ladies and gentlemen… Boys and girls… It is that time of year once again. Golf season.

Now, I know that April is a silly month. Plus 20 weather in the beginning, and then a week of snowfall in the middle… Although now you can tell that good ol’ Mr. Winter is on his way out. With the entrance of spring, comes the entrance of golf season.

I have been asked by people numerous times- “how do I become a better golfer?” It really is the golden question, and there is certainly not one answer. Here are a couple tricks that I have used in the past to lower that dang handicap of yours.


1. Get PROFESSIONAL guidance

At least once in your golfing career should you take a lesson. Unfortunately, not all of us are Bubba Watson and can make the tour without one. There is NO shame whatsoever in taking a lesson, or even asking your local Professional about questions you may have regarding your swing.


2. Use The Driving Range

The biggest change I made last year to my game was “perfecting” what the golf world calls a draw. In other words, make the ball go a bit left- and not a lot right. The majority of right handed golfers tend to “slice” the ball… Or hit the ball right. My swing also did that to the ball flight. I changed my swing to a slight draw by putting in A LOT of time at the driving range. It may not be as fun as the course, but you’ll have more fun on that course by the end of it.


3. Figure Out Timing, Grip, and Posture (See #1)

These things are always different from golfer to golfer, which is part of the reason golfing is such a tedious sport. Your local pro will give you tips and tricks as to what naturally fits you and your swing type. Once you figure these kinds of things out, you can then try and make that swing muscle memory.

Like my mama always told me- “Practice makes perfect”. That statement is the definition of golf. Put the time and the work in, and you will get results. Results that will always vary… But hey, that’s the game of golf… Right?