Poised & Professional

By Admin User on April 20, 2017

Poised & Professional


You’re in your twenties and throwing out job applications left right and center. But what do you do once you get the call? What do you wear to the interview? How do you hold yourself? Here is your guide to for preparing for an interview.

First, you need an outfit. Dress for the job you want! It’s a cliche because it’s true. Dressing professional and put together is something that never goes out of style. Let’s start from the bottom up. Shoes, always wear closed toe shoes. Most people aren’t huge fans of feet so why show them off at a job interview. Don’t worry; high heels are definitely NOT mandatory! Flats are fine just as long as they are structured. Wardrobe time, a good dress is always acceptable as long as it’s at least down to your knees but dress pants are also great. Now let’s get to the Mary-Kate and Ashley’s, yes, I’m talking about cleavage. Now much like toes, it’s a no-no. Put those puppies away, your employer does not need to know what’s going on atop your chest. To top it all off, your hair. Doesn’t matter if it’s an up-do or loose just make sure you are polished. Yes put some product in your hair, it will thank you!

You’re all dressed and ready to go! You arrive at your interview, and there are new people everywhere, introduce yourself. I know it’s scary but employers like to see that their coworkers could potentially be friends, so say hello. Looks like you have to wait. My number one rule about the waiting room is never take out your phone. You’re bored and waiting but if you pull out your phone, your future employer might think you do that often.Yes, trust me they are observing you. Unless you need information from your phone, try to stay off of it. Instead, open a magazine or just sit all poised and professional.

The interviewer is now making their way over to you. Stand up, smile and present your hand for a firm handshake. Engage in conversation on the way over to the office and when you enter count to three before taking a seat so that you and your interviewer sit at the same time. This isn’t a make or break but it’s nice to be on the same rhythm. If you follow this guide then you are all set.