NAIT NewsWatch April 11, 2015

By Admin User on April 14, 2015

This week on NAIT NewsWatch:

Premier Jim Prentice has called an election. Some are critical for the premier’s decision saying that it’s going to cost taxpayers millions of dollars to hold an election a year earlier than initially scheduled.

We show you how manditory ID scanning in bars could be beneficial to police in keeping certain areas of the city safer where nightlife is popular. Police are spearheading this campaign and many bars owners already use ID scanning, agree with police that it is useful.

Our news anchors, Nicole and Melissa get in out community to help put together care packages for those less fortunate in our city. The United Way makes thousands of care packages that they distribute twice a year.

This is our last official NewsWatch show of the semester, thank you to everyone who has been following and supporting us along the way. Please be sure to catch our two NewsWatch Extra shows that will be coming in next few weeks.