Fitness trackers for a healthier society

By Admin User on October 14, 2014

Fitness tracking bracelets and phone applications are getting more and more popular among people who care about their health. However, the positive effect of wearable tech on everyday workout is still unknown for many people. It can vary between people which one feels more convenient so it is recommended to try out more than one out before you buy.
Ken Reiss of NAIT Athletics shared some details of how the trackers are working. “They are more elaborate, they use accelerometers so they actually sense the body moving rather than requiring a joint to move to activate the step,” said Reiss. There are also specific types that are using GPS satellites to track the location and the speed of the user on running trails.

Both applications and actual bracelets have a variety of features including

  • Heart-rate monitor
  • GPS tracking system
  • Calorie counter

Corey Unterschultz is a NAIT student who is living an active lifestyle with regularly working out at the gym and also running on trails. He is very satisfied with the fitness tracers he is using. He said they are offering an option for everybody as you can see records of other users. “Running apps are very good to track what you are doing and push further. Then the weight-lifting ones are giving you new options for different workouts.”

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