Edmonton theatre features cross-dressing cabaret

By Admin User on November 10, 2014

Guys In Disguise is an Edmonton Theatre company whose website describes their pieces as cross-dressing comedies. They have been running for almost 30 years. However, for the main members of the company, Trevor Schmidt and Darrin Hagin, the content is more than just drag.

This past week, they prepared for the annual Loud and Queer Festival, which has been running for just under 20 years. The festival features everywhere from poetry to drag queens and is open to everyone, whether or not you are queer. This is the same for performers too. “We actually have a couple of contributors who aren’t queer at all but they have queer stories in their life. Their stories and voices are just as valid as anybody else’s at this event,” explains Darrin. He goes on to explain that everyone is connected to a queer story in one way or the other. The event is a place to talk about that.

For the duo, they describe their relationship as one of respect and balance, as Darrin describes himself as being a drag queen who is trying to figure out theatre and refers to Trevor as an actor who is fantastic in drag. Within the cabaret and in their regular work, both Darrin and Trevor try to provide entertainment and then hit the audience with a bigger concept. Lately, for Trevor the word family has been showing up as a theme in their work. He says, “Family is a big issue now for the queer community and the way gender roles have changed a lot over the years.”

The next Guys In Disguise play, With Bells On by Darrin Hagin, will be playing over Christmas at the Roxy Theatre.