Bars around our great city

By Admin User on December 15, 2015

There are many options for people to choose in Edmonton for live music. It all depends on your tastes and flavours for different music. If you’re into death metal, there’s venues for that. If you’re into dubstep and EDM, then look no further. Below is a guide to some of the most popular music venues around the great capital.

The Black Dog:

This pub has a history of nearly more than 20 years and has a pub complete with two different levels. Each level has a different style of music for everyone. The patio is open year round and has a unique atmosphere unlike any other pub in Edmonton. If you like staying inside, then the Underdog is for you. It has TVs, a separate entrance and can be reserved for private functions. The owner of the Black Dog says it’s quite a unique atmosphere for Whyte Ave, “It has always been a haven for all walks of society regardless of stature. It is a place where young and old, suits and shorts can relax and enjoy themselves free from the stigmas attached to most bars.”

The Buckingham:

Or the “Buck” as its properly known by. The Buck is a second story bar with many different options for food choices unlike other pubs. They have many different vegan and vegetarian options and also a unique set of bands. It is quite the nice place to go and have a pint, sit and enjoy some music without the over roar of club music. They describe themselves as an “alternative” venue, “The Buckingham is perfectly suited for those discontented with the standard bar scene. Since we are built on community values such as inclusion and anti-pretention, anybody with a good attitude will find the Buck a good location.”

Filthy Mcnasty’s:

“Where good people do bad things.” When you’re bar is built on a reputation like that, you can maybe expect some shenanigans and Filthy’s is full of them.  Established in 2001, they’ve been serving the Edmonton fan base with free music Saturday’s with local and touring bands. They also have many karaoke nights as well. So if you’re into the rock scene and in about your mid 20s, this could be your new favourite spot!

Blues on Whyte:

“A real deal blues bar in the heart of Old Strathcona.” The names says it all. This club and bar has been around for nearly 50 years and has been playing what is some of the best blues music in the city. If you just want to go for the music, this is the place to be. It’s foundation stands on the ground floor of the Commercial Hotel which has been around for over a century. One customer calls it, “One of the very few good “real” live music venues left in North America! Very refreshing to experience instead of the typical “cover tunes” types of bands.”

The Starlite Room:

If there’s a place in Edmonton that celebrates all different genres of music, its the Starlite Room, Heavy metal, electronic, country, singer-songwriter, you can find it all here. The club started back in 2004 but has been around since 1925 as the building was designed by two of Edmonton’s top architects and built by the Salvation Army. All around this bar is definitely one of the more diverse music venues around. It’ll be hard to find a type of music that they play that you can’t enjoy!

So these are just a few spots around Edmonton that are home to some of the best live music around. There’s so many more out there to go and explore! Just take an evening with your friends and go support the very vibrant Edmonton live arts community! Here is a link to an interactive map of each club.